Google Bing: Bing, Bing, Google search engine…?

The Google Bing search engine is a popular search engine, used by thousands of websites and services.

It is used by the majority of the world’s internet users, with an estimated 1.5 billion people using it each month.

But its use is not limited to just those who have a computer and want to access the internet.

A few months ago, the US Federal Trade Commission launched a class action lawsuit against Google over its search engine monopoly.

This lawsuit alleges that Google and its subsidiary, Google Search Appliance LLC, control the online search market and that Google has illegally monopolized the search market for over a decade.

Google’s lawsuit was filed in December and was settled in January.

The settlement was made on Friday, and the FTC says it will offer $20 million in damages and other remedies to Google.

Google Search is not a search engine.

It’s a search platform that can give users an overview of a website and an in-depth understanding of its content.

In addition to this, Google also provides a way for users to easily search for certain types of information.

For example, it can give a user the ability to search for information about the US government.

The FTC’s lawsuit seeks to block Google from continuing to control the search engine market and the ability of its users to access information on its website.

Google has been sued before, including in 2013.

In 2014, the FTC sued Google over a similar case brought by the National Association of Broadcasters (NASB).

That case claimed that Google had used a Google search tool to determine that the NASB was being unfairly targeted by Google’s ad targeting program.

Google also lost a similar class action in a 2014 class action suit in California.

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