Why is Google’s search algorithm changing?

Google has announced a series of changes to its search algorithm that will make it easier for the company to show results in different countries.

The changes will be rolled out to all users across Google’s websites and apps from April 1, but the biggest change will come to Bing in the US.

Bing users will be able to view results from any of the search engines in the country from April, while the UK and Australia will get the option to see results from Google in the meantime.

The change comes as Google tries to attract more international users in order to compete with Bing.

Last year, the search giant announced it would be rolling out its own Bing search engine in the UK, in an attempt to make its UK site a more competitive alternative.

In the past, Bing searches were highly dependent on how well you understood Google.

In a bid to increase its relevance in the search market, Google has been tweaking its search algorithms to show users relevant results.

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