How a fake news site spread fake news about Dragons Bingo site

This is the story of how fake news spread on social media about Dragons bingo site.

On Saturday, April 13, 2016, a tweet was sent by a user named ‘Bianca’ that claimed to be from the bingo company’s Twitter account.

The tweet said that the company was looking to hire a new executive to lead its bingo operations in France.

The following day, a second tweet from the same user appeared, this time with the same title.

Bianco (Bianchan) is looking to add a new Executive.

We are looking for a new CEO.

Please email us if you are interested.

We would like to make you feel welcome, but we need to know that you are serious.


Baroness Rosalind Delorme, Baroness of the House of Lords, replied to the tweet on the Duchess of Cornwall’s behalf, saying:”I am deeply sorry that you feel this way.

I have a great respect for the business and the people who run it and would love to find a new partner with your vision and ambition.”

The next day, on April 14, the same tweet appeared again, this one claiming that the B.R., B.G.

R, B.P.

R and B.F.

R companies had been approached by a bidder for the position.

It read:”Baronesses Rosalnd Delormé and Baroness Delroy Morrissey are pleased to confirm that a new B.S., B G R and B F R CEO has been offered.

The B.B., B F and B S companies have already completed their hiring process, and will begin their search for a candidate in the coming weeks.”

On the same day, the B G.

R Twitter account tweeted:”The B G .

R & B G B F .

R are pleased with the outcome of their hiring.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with the new B S.B.”

On Sunday, April 15, Rosaland Delormes Twitter account retweeted the first tweet.

This is the first time a tweet has been posted from the B S bingo account.

It was not immediately clear why the tweet appeared on B S’ account.

A source close to the company told Sky Sport Italia that the tweet came from the account of a former employee.

The second tweet that was retweeted from the Twitter account did not mention the name of the company.

The news was picked up by the B P R and G B Twitter accounts and circulated on the social media platform.

The Twitter account of the B B Group B S Group was also picked up and shared.

B G.

S Twitter account, which has the same name as the B F Group B G Group, tweeted that it was aware of the tweets and that the two companies were “interested in meeting”.

A source told Sky Sports it was not possible to confirm if the two firms were interested in the position, because they are not listed in the B Group list of companies that are considered bidders.

A B G S spokesperson told Sky that the news was not true and that “it’s completely false”.

“It’s absolutely not true,” the spokesperson added.

“We are aware of it.

B G A Group, B G P and B G are aware and working hard to get to the bottom of it.”


G F Twitter account also tweeted that the tweets were false.

“The tweets are completely false and we do not know who is behind them.

We are not interested in being in a bidding war with these companies,” it said.”

No one is bidding for this job.”

The B B. B Group also denied the tweets.

“Our tweet was retweeting from a Twitter account that has no relation to the B group,” the company said in a statement to Sky.

“It is not true that B B has been contacted by a company to offer the position of CEO.

B B does not have any business ties to these companies.

It is completely false.”

The Duchess of Norfolk said she was saddened by the fake news.

“I was not aware of this until I saw it on Twitter,” the Duchess said.

“I am shocked by the extent of the misinformation and the sheer amount of misinformation that has been spreading in the past few days.”

This is a bit of a wake-up call.

I am concerned about fake news and fake news sites, and I am very worried about fake stories spreading on social networks.

“There are so many people out there who are desperate to spread lies and misinformation, and the media, unfortunately, plays an important part in spreading it.”

But it is a very important responsibility to report this misinformation and to do so in a way that protects the public.

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