Bing site gives you a $20,000 bonus for getting paid for finding good bingo site

Bing is offering $20 million to sites that provide “good bing” sites that pay users to find a site.

The company announced Monday that it would provide a $2 million bonus to sites in the Bing Boring Bing Bing Rewards category.

The site is a popular bingo aggregator, but it also allows users to make money on other sites by finding good Bing sites that offer Bing-related content.

Bing said the sites would earn $20m for each of the next five years.

The bonuses are contingent on each site reaching certain metrics, including generating 50,000 monthly page views, 30,000 average monthly views, and 20 million total page views.

The site is also required to have at least $1 million in revenue from Bing Bing Bing Search, the Bing Ads revenue channel, Bing Search Plus, and Bing Search.

Bingo’s $2 billion Bing Bored Bing Rewards program is part of the company’s $3 billion investment in new Bing technology.

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