When you get paid for what you write: Why I wrote my blog

The last time I blogged about writing my own book was in 2015, and that was when I was working on a novel for a major publishing company.

The story of the book, which was about an Australian who goes to America to become a movie director, was about being forced to write a book when his wife was sick.

The book was published, and the book was successful, but when I went back to Australia and got married in 2019, I was asked to write the novel.

I did not know the story.

I had no idea how I was going to write it.

The process of writing the book has been the same every time, the writing process has changed.

But when I started my blog, I realised I wanted to get paid.

This is where the idea came about.

When I started writing the story, I did my best to do it on the cheap, but then I realised the cost of having to hire a full-time writer was too high, so I thought I’d make it easy for other writers to do the same.

The only thing I did to make it cheaper was add a little bit of an ‘artistic license’ to it.

If you’re doing something creative, you should make it accessible to everybody, because it’s a story, you need to give it a fair shake.

And for that reason, I didn’t make it too long, and when I got to my end of the story and realised I wasn’t going to get a million dollars, I stopped writing.

So I thought, if I’m not going to make money off this story, then why should I?

So instead of writing a million words, why not just make a few bucks?

So I made a short story.

Then I made an anthology of short stories, because I was in love with short stories and I wanted something to inspire people to write more.

So the idea was to get people to share their stories, and I also thought it would help the story I was writing.

If it helped people, then people would be inspired to write stories, too.

So we decided to make an anthology, and this is where we’ve been going.

I love short stories.

I’ve got a lot of stories to tell.

So that’s where we are now.

The problem is, there’s a lot more people sharing the same stories.

When you go to your own blog, there are people who are sharing your story.

But there are also people who aren’t.

So if we wanted to make a book that helped them share their own stories, we needed to make sure that they would be able to share theirs too.

That’s where this website comes in.

If I share your story, if someone reads your story and says, “Wow, I’m going to read this,” I can’t imagine them sharing it too much.

I can only imagine what they would share.

And that’s how we’ve got this platform.

If someone wants to write their own story, it will help them share it too.

If they have a story they’d like to share, it can be shared with a friend.

So this is what’s really amazing about this.

This whole site is a way for people to find each other.

So it’s like a little community.

And it’s all about sharing stories.

If people share their story, they can share it with a lot others.

The way we make money, we get paid by the number of shares that people make, not the number they get.

So, if you share a story on this site, I’ll make sure you get at least five shares for every share you get.

I’m also doing a bunch of other things as well, because we’ve created a community on Facebook too, which is really amazing.

But I’m the one who owns it.

I own it.

And so, when you share your own story and someone shares theirs, we’ll see each other on Facebook.

We’ll chat and get to know each other, and then we’ll get paid together.

We have a Facebook page, but we’re a small, tiny community.

But we’ve grown to be a community.

We’re the biggest one on Facebook, and we’re all on this website.

The next time you’re thinking of getting paid for something, you can think about how you can make it easier for others to share your stories too.

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