‘Bingo and gambling sites are more dangerous than we thought’: The BBC

More:Bingo sites and gambling apps are more harmful than we realised, according to the BBC.

In a report on the gambling industry, the broadcaster said that gambling sites were often more addictive than they needed to be.

“We were told that gambling was safe, that it was safe for people to gamble,” presenter Steve Evans said.

“Then we discovered the truth.”

In the case of Bingo, the report says that while users can easily make bets on the app, “there is no way to know whether they are being played by real people or bots.”

The BBC also says that there are “several factors that can be difficult to distinguish between bots and humans” and “even in the best of cases, there may be human-to-human interactions” between users and gamblers.

“There is no doubt that these games are being used by millions of people, with a few billion dollars being bet every year on these games,” the report said.

The BBC’s report also notes that “gamblers are at risk of being cheated, especially by bots” and that they “may be tempted to play the game and gamble at the same time, creating a virtual casino for themselves.”

According to the report, there are a lot of “very small” sites on the internet that are “being used by gamblers” and this can have serious consequences.

“There is little that can possibly be done to stop these sites from being used,” it says.

Read more about gambling, gambling apps, internet gambling, internet newsMore: “Some of these sites have been around for years, and the BBC has been following the industry closely.”

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