Poland says it will close the country’s first bingo hall

Polish President Andrzej Duda announced that the country will close its first bingo hall on Friday, in an attempt to prevent gambling addiction.

Poland’s government had already banned the country from hosting any bingo halls in 2016.

However, there were no further details about what kind of restrictions will be put in place.

“It is our responsibility to prevent the spread of gambling and gambling addiction,” Duda said.

“If the doors of the hall remain open, it will be an important sign of this country’s commitment to combating the problem.”

Poland is the only country in the European Union that has not yet banned the sale of gambling.

There are currently around 300 bingo rooms across the country, with around 100 of them registered to German and Austrian citizens.

Duda said the ban was part of a broader strategy to combat the problem of gambling addiction and prevent people from entering into “a vicious circle of gambling”.

“In order to combat gambling addiction, we will close down these halls, which have already taken a huge toll on our society,” Dada said in a statement.

“We must not let the number of the bingo houses in Poland drop, but we must also not let it grow and continue to flourish in the face of this growing problem.”

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