Google’s Bing site has become the most trafficked search engine in the world.

A search engine that has been used to target advertisers, marketers and consumers, Google is now the world’s top search engine for information on bingo, bingo game and other bingo-related topics, according to data from the Internet Association.

Bing’s search ranking has risen more than three-fold since the start of the year, to 14th in the global ranking of search engines.

Bing was not included in this year’s World Economic Forum’s list of top 100 global technologies.

The Internet Association, an industry group that tracks search and technology trends, said Bing’s rise shows that the Internet is in fact an “all-in-one platform” and “the industry is taking advantage of that.”

The report notes that Bing has become a key tool for online marketers and advertisers, with more than 200 million users.

It also shows Bing’s growing prominence among consumers.

Google, which is also owned by Microsoft Corp., is not included among the top 100 sites on the World Economic Forums’ Top 100 lists, though it is in the top 10, at No. 8.

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