Which is the most phishing site in the world?

The most phished sites can be found on all major online portals, including Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yahoo Messenger.

The phishing sites are used by criminals to gather valuable personal information and gain access to sensitive financial information.

Here are the top 10 most phishy sites in the universe.


Bing Partner Sites – Google and Bing Partner Sites are used to collect personal information, such as the IP address, name and email address of a user.

These sites may also include links to other sites, which is a potential threat.

These links can be easily clicked to reveal the actual destination of the site.

They are also used by malicious parties to track users, which can be a major security risk.



Partner Sites The Yahoo!

partner sites may be used to gather the IP addresses, email addresses, and other sensitive information of Yahoo users.


Yahoo Messenger Partner Sites Some of the Yahoo!

Messenger partner sites can also be used by criminal parties to gain access, including a password reset tool and links to social networking websites, which could be exploited by criminals.


Google Partner Sites There are many partner sites available to access on the Google Partner Site Portal.

These partner sites include Bing, Google, Yahoo, Twitter and other search engines.


Yahoo News Partner Sites Many of the partner sites have links to the Yahoo News content, which will expose your location to the criminals.


Yahoo Finance Partner Sites These partner services include the Yahoo Finance tool and the Yahoo Bank account information.

These services are not always secure.


Yahoo Music Partner Sites You can also access these partner sites through the Yahoo Music app.


Yahoo Chat Partner Sites If you use Yahoo Messenger, you can log into your Yahoo chat account, which has a password to unlock your messages.


Yahoo Calendar Partner Sites This partner portal may include Yahoo calendar services.


Google Search Partner Sites Search engine partners are used for the same purposes as the partner services.

This includes providing you with relevant search results.

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