Bing full site and Bing reindex sites (part 2)

Bing full sites and Bing Reindex sites have been made available to users of Bing, and the Bing Re index site is now fully operational.

The Bing Full Sites site has been made accessible and search engines are now able to index Bing sites.

The Bing Full Site is currently unavailable for users, but will be available as soon as Bing is fully operational and the reindexing of Bing sites is complete.

The new Bing ReIndex sites are available in the Bing Search Console, and are the first of their kind.

The Reindex site provides an online version of a Bing site, so users can browse the Bing sites they have previously visited, as well as browse other Bing sites that have been updated recently.

Bing Full Sites can be accessed through the Bing search box on the Bing web site.

The reindex of Bing websites is also available in a separate, fully-operational search box, and can be viewed at the Bing re index site.

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