Hillary Clinton’s campaign says ‘we are going to do it again’ in Florida, Ohio

Hillary Clinton on Tuesday urged Americans to rally around the campaign of her Democratic rival Donald Trump, urging them to “stand together” against “an attack on our democracy.”

In a speech at the George Mason University campus, Clinton said the party is “going to do something about it” and “we are not going to let this get away from us.”

“We are going not to let it get away,” Clinton said.

“We are not allowing it to go away.”

“It’s time to stand together and say, we are going on this.

We are going out there and we are fighting for the values that make this country great,” she added.

She went on to highlight Trump’s recent attacks on U.S. veterans, and his attacks on former President Barack Obama.

“We know that he is going to try to distract people from his own policies by saying he’s for veterans and not the President.

But that is just not true,” Clinton continued.

“The President has put in place a program that makes it harder for veterans to get their benefits and he is continuing to push for more vets to be in the military.”

The former first lady, senator and secretary of state also blasted Trump for not being willing to work with Democratic senators to pass legislation aimed at reducing gun violence.

“I’m not going into detail but I can tell you this, if you are going along with Donald Trump’s agenda, you will not get anything done,” she said.

Trump, meanwhile, on Monday accused Clinton of using “a political hit job” against him during a debate.

“Hillary Clinton, who campaigned for President John McCain in 2008, used a political hit a couple of weeks ago to attack me for not getting rid of the Confederate flag,” he said.

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