How to Binge on’s Newest Site

How to get access to the new Binge site:1.

Download the Google Chrome extension.2.

Open the Chrome browser, go to “Settings” -> “Internet Options”3.

Go to the “Privacy” tab4.

Click “Block all content”5.

Select “Accept cookies and trackers”6.

Select the “Accept this request” button7.

Click the “Save” button8.

Binge will start loading.

If it doesn’t work, it could be because you haven’t enabled “Always on” for Binge.

To enable it, click “More settings” on the top right and click “Allow me to override”9.

The Binge site should load.

If you get the message “Please enter your BingePass username”, try again.10.

Go back to the Binge website, and try again, but this time try “Allow cookies and tracking”11.

If this doesn’t help, you probably have Binge disabled on your browser.

If that’s the case, you’ll need to enable Binge again.

To do so, click on “More” on top right, and then “Settings”.12.

Enter the password for the B.P.S.A. site, and click the “Submit” button.13.

Once you’ve successfully entered the password, click the OK button.

The page should load up.

If the page doesn’t load up properly, check your firewall settings, and make sure you’re allowed to access the site.14.

If all goes well, you should be able to log into the site and browse to the bingo site.

It should now show you a bingo number.15.

If not, click your username on the site, click Binge, and type in the name of the site you just used to log in.

If everything goes right, you’re done!

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