Europes first-ever Europes best bingo shop has opened in the US!

A New York-based bingo venue has opened up in the United States, allowing diners to play games for free, and it looks like the owners have a plan to keep the place open for years to come.

The company, known as Bingo Legacy, has set up shop in New York City, and the owners hope to soon expand to a bigger and better location in Los Angeles.

They’re currently looking to raise a $1.2 million investment to expand the site into a bigger venue and a new restaurant, which they’re hoping to open by the end of the year.

The website also features a host of other fun bingo game sites, like a bingo app, a bingo trivia game, and a bINGO Bingo game.

Bingo Legacy is currently accepting pre-orders on their website for $3.99 a piece.

The site has also made some fun promotional videos for bingo games, including one that showed a group of men trying to get the best possible score.

The site also has a number of bingo trivia games, such as the one that asks you to guess the number of heads of lettuce, and another that asks if you know the difference between a potato and a bagel.

You can find a video of the two quizzes on BINGO Legacy’s site, which also features other bingo related videos, like this one with the famous “Pee-wee’s Playhouse.”, which is owned by a man named John Ragan, also has an official Facebook page.

There, he’s shared a few more photos of the site, including a new one featuring a man eating a hot dog with a giant red balloon on it, and an image of the new BingoLegory sign, which has an English and Spanish text in English and French.

In addition to the new bingo hall, Ragan has also built a video game room in the new venue.

There’s also a “playhouse” for kids, and Ragan is also planning to have a restaurant at the new location, but no word on what exactly will go on the menu.

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