How to Play Bing on Windows 10

How to play Bing on a PC with Windows 10. 

It’s the same Bing app, the same desktop browser and the same search engines you’ve used in the past.

But the big difference is that you now can play Bing from your Windows 10 PC instead of having to use Bing’s native app on your desktop.

And that means Bing’s search is now available to you from the start.

The new Bing for Windows 10 app is available for Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Windows Vista users, but there’s no version for Windows 7 users yet. 

Bing will also launch a Bing for iOS app later this year that will let you search and play Bing games in the browser. 

Microsoft also says it will be working with Apple to add Bing to the App Store in a few months.

Bing’s not just for PCs Bing is now accessible on Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Xbox One, Windows Store and Amazon Fire TV devices.

Bing will also continue to be available to Windows 10 users on the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs, as well as Windows 10 Mobile devices. 

Google and Bing will continue to share Bing search and data with each other, so if you want to use Google search in Windows 10, you’ll need to do so from a Windows 10 device. 

As for the rest of Windows 10’s search functionality, Microsoft says it’s looking at bringing back some features, like the ability to search for the word “trees.”

But it’s unclear when the Bing search app will return to Windows, and we’re not sure how many of these new features will be available when Windows 10 ships in October.

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