Aussie starburst website will allow Australians to play Bing on the sly

BINGO, Alabama — A BINGo website is offering Australia’s biggest casino and gaming empire a lucrative new business opportunity., based in the state capital, Birmingham, is planning to open a $20 million, 2,000-room hotel and casino in the U.K. that could be worth $5 billion to $7 billion.

The site was created by the Bingo Starburst Inc., a company spun off from BingoStar, in 2009 and features an online casino that allows Australians to gamble with the company’s proprietary BINGBODB casino chips.

The company was created as a partnership between Bingostar and a local gaming franchise, which includes is a partnership of the Bingoblogger Group, a company formed in 2009 by Bingo’s founding partner, James Bingo.

BinghamoStar is a Bingo-branded online casino with over 1,400 casino slots and gaming rooms in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand, with plans to open another 200 sites around the world.

It’s unclear what Bingo is planning in the United Kingdom, where the site will be based.

However, the company did launch a BINGM games website in 2011.BINGoStar founder James Bingos son, Adam, who is also the company CEO, is also one of the founding partners of the UK-based group, which has about 100 members and operates on Bingo sites in the world, including BingoSugar, BingoBingo, Bingoballs, BingoSugar, and BingoCoastal.

The Bingobspice website has about 50 million visitors a month, according to’s online statistics.

Beside Bingo, Bingos parent company Bingo Inc. also owns and sites.

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