US tech company plans to open its first retail store in the Philippines

A tech company has opened its first Philippine retail store, hoping to help bolster the country’s fledgling tourism industry., the online gambling platform, has hired more than 70 Filipinos as part of a team of more than 20,000, said its president and chief executive, Tony Avila.

It’s the latest sign that the Philippines is entering a golden age for gambling, with the country now ranked No. 1 in online gambling revenues and second only to China, according to a survey by The WSJ.

The Philippines has emerged as a tourism hub and is a major exporter of Chinese tourists, which account for about 40 percent of the countrys online gambling industry.


Com, with its more than 2 million members, has expanded to offer other forms of online gambling, including poker and craps.

The Philippines is also a top destination for mainland Chinese.

Bongolio is expected to be its first Filipino store.

“We’ve invested in a lot of infrastructure to bring this new retail experience to the Philippines, but it’s still early days,” said Avilar, who joined Bongoli as CEO in April. has said it plans to add an online casino in Manila, which it acquired last year.

It said the Philippines had the third-largest online gambling population in the world and was one of the fastest growing economies.

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