Bingo casino site to close after 2.4 million games lost

Bingo Casino is shutting down, with 1.4million games losing their cash value after losing money in a massive poker-style bet.

The site, which hosted more than 2.1 million games, was sold to a group of investors in June and is expected to close next week.

The sale is the largest one-time bet in the world’s largest online gambling business, and has led to the loss of thousands of players and thousands of gaming machines, said Mark D’Alessandro, a managing director of PokerStars Australia.

Bingo’s operator, the American-based Betfair, is the owner of Pokerstars.

The site’s operator is a US-based gambling operator that bought the casino.

Betfair’s chairman, Jason DeRisi, told Reuters the loss was due to a “significant loss in poker-type bets”.

“We are working very hard to ensure that all the games are recovered,” he said.

Betfair is looking at “any options to repair the loss” and is working to ensure the site is “recovery ready”, said Mr DeRasi.

Bingo’s loss came after poker games lost $1.5 billion at the start of the year.

Last week the operator announced it was suspending its “PokerStars” gambling platform for up to six months.

A spokesman for the operator said the loss could be recovered if players made a payment of $25 per bet, with $20 in poker chips.

The company said it was still working with the casino and the state government to resolve the situation.

Pokerstars said in a statement it would work with the State Government and casino operators to provide a comprehensive solution.

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